Sunday, 20 February 2011

let start about calls a spade a spade..

+_ThE reAs0nS_+

-that title sound so weird right? huhu... well in order to improve my skill especially writing skill i decided to make dis blog!
- dis blog is inspired by people around me as they encourage me to build up dis blog..
-well, i decided to write more in english language as i know that english is so much important in order for me to continue my study in law courses..
-anyway i will try to make use of proper english and i am so sorry because sometyme i do use abbreviation(abbr)..
 **i dont use google translator for every single words, just some words to check for the spelling.. thanx mr google!

_+The Title_+
_the title means let I start my first post with some introduction about me.. i mean lets start with some short n truthfully and openly about me..(not so open, u know da limit right?)
*my names: just called me SYA, Syarifah,
* my age: becoming 18teen..ehhehe
*i live at: pontian,ROMPIN, pahang
**something about me
++ i really LOVE my family!
++i really appreciate every single MOMENTS with family and friends
++im a DEBATER..malay debater! i really love debate! im into debate!
++i love to STUDY but i am not hard working!
++i really wanted to be a good MUSLIMAH..(may Allah lead to it) insya-Allah
++i am CHOOSY...evry people around me knew about dis especially my umi,abah,kak long,kak jie n my frens shee,emma,diba,nana,sab,..
++ i was born in APRIL.
++i love READING..any type of reading material that will benefit me..
++i love COOKING..i love to cook for my family and my relatives.. so do frens..ehehe..
++I really care about my HEALTH..but i'll get sick easily..eheheh
++i really care about my PHYSICAL appearance..
++ I am on DIET!!
++i  am REALLY take gud care of myself..
++i really love MYSELF!

**that's all from now.. g2g.. tata..

                                             **eheheh..i had a lot of fun to to diba,sab,shee,fatihah,
                                             aunti zizah,pak mat, kak aja,kak wanie n kak fara..
                                             special credit to fira for sharing some info about editing!!
                                             really appreciate for their kindness..huhu..xoxox

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