Monday, 21 February 2011

my dearest+lovely family!

FAmiLY is My PrioriTy..
 * family come first! i am a family girl.. really depends on my family especially my umi n abah..
*alhamdulillah i was gifted by Allah a great family..
*my loving abah, SYED ABU BAKAR B SYED HASHIN really take gud care of us.. even though he is really a busy person..he is really a workaholic father! even in weekends he still works and works..he lives n works at putrajaya..
*my superb umi, ROZLAH BT A.BAKAR really a good cook and a kind-hearted umi.. umi really care about me even i am really hard-headed..huhuh..
*my pretty and petite KAK LONG, SYARIFAH NADHIRAH already married and  have a son which is my nephew wan muhamad nur hakimi..
*my slim and slender KAK ELLA,SYARIFAH NABILAH, now studying at uitm shah alam..
*my cute and happy go lucky KAK JIE, SYARIFAH NAJIHAH which really a good supporter to me!
*my thin and skinny APIS,SYED MUHAMMAD HAFIZH, really love playing games!
*last but not least, my cat BOOLAT which so adorable and really a spoiled cat..

                       fameli ria: my sporting umi n abah!!ehehhe

                                           my siblings!

                                             lastly: spoiled cat!!huhuh

** there so many great things happen to my family.. i am grateful to Allah for given me this endowment and opportunity to have dis great family..Alhamdulillah..

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