Tuesday, 8 March 2011



Sound  a great and cheerful title rite? ehehe.. why ae i choose dis title? of course bcos i am so happy! yaeh! i am really happy! i was totally  in cloud nine!! there must be a reason why i am so happy! hehehe..

 well, as in the title, i said that happiness could be as simple as ABC.. for me do what makes u happy.. be with whom make u smile.. heheh.. Alhamdulillah a great thanx and gratitude to Allah the Mighty for giving me this opportunity to feel such happiness..

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." Franklin Roosevelt"
 hapiness is similarly related to kindness.. well it is really true!! trust me.. when you do good to anybody you will always feel happy!!  there are many way to get and feel happiness..

    ----yeah well i'll always hope that i will feel happy in every second in my lyfe..   but then i will always remember dis..
"everybody want to be HAPPY, nobody want to have PAIN...
but we cant get RAINBOW without having RAIN..."

there are many way to feel happy.. its ur decision either to be happy or not.. happinness is a journey not a destination.. all da best in ur journey to find the REAL happiness... back to basic where u can find ur very own happiness..starts right and ends with happy endings..:-)

  ++inspired by sumbody that always make me happy..eventhough that person is not around..thanx a lot for shining my day!

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  1. sya, aduhai, rajin sya komen blog saya, malulah sayang :D
    thanks, btw, HAPPY selalu dear, mcm kat maktab dulu, awak kan semangat, saya suke!!!