Tuesday, 29 March 2011

hEart ow HeaRt..

tonite i just feel so uneasy.. my past memory suddenly came across my mind.. YA Allah help me to forget it... 

then wat makes me so uneasy is i am sooooo patiently wait for sumbody.. huhuh!! waiting is hurting.. i dont want to wait any more.. just continue wit other thingss... 
nyway i dearly hate dis feeling..tgok! ade unsur kepincangan? ahahah...
then, i just make a statement! physic is my nightmare!
i donnt want to continue my study in field related to science.. i feel hopeless and give up already..
waahhh..thnx oke! sya ney cam ade perasaan tak bersyukur kan?kan?
:: nope, this is totally me! i will easily give up on sumthing! but i can quickly buckle up if sumone inspire me!
yeah! i need an inspiration.....
seyesly i feel like i am totally a looser after i left school.

-bcos i dun earn money! i am a GRAPERS...
-bcos i gain weight! ahaha.. even i just take my meal in small parttion!
-i have eyebags! syesly menci giler! ney sbb aku tido lewat tyap malamm....
-i feel lonely..especially when i stay in PONTIAN,ROMPIN.. cyesly really bored! i cant stand to stay in kampung more than 2 weeks.. pliss sumone take me awy..
-i have no fren stay near me.. my close frens live in mersing and sarawak and jaybee and pontian!
- i have to wait on may for my sister cominh home from sarawak!
- i dont go shopping a lot!~besela grapers.. x kan nak shuping lbey2...kopak dwet umi n abah..
_ i need to do a lot of house chores.. syesly sejibik cam org gaji..huhuhu
- aku x reti memandu kereta,menunggang kereta...
-aku mmg sunyi.,,, no frens, no boyfrens, no sisters utk bwk aku meronggeng and menerawang ke angkasa....

----dah la sya! enough! bersyukur la.. at least dpt blaja jd suri rumah..ahahah.. umi cakap pas spm aku mmg kene blaja care2 mguruskan rumah tngga,.. senang nak kawennn.. pas tu yg terbaeknye bley lak aku jawab.."nak kawen ape, calon habuk pon tadak,,,ahahah.. kesah pulak aku?

p/s  i know i really talking crap..once again.. but i am getting better now! wah! i mix both of languages.. naseb x kuar bhse sarawak aku..naseb...
tak pe nak kuarkan gak.. kamek nang rase kamek tok nang tedah.. nag looser abes eh.. sik tauk mok padah gney gik.. mun ada sepa2 mok nasihat ju la nasihat kamek tok.. tulung la ow.. heheheh..done!! one last thing, i dont edit anything or even preview dis post.. lantak kau jak cya...tata,,titi,,tutu,,,,


  1. Habus pown x dak? Dun worry, habuk ada, blom dtg je =)

  2. ehehe,, cik anis.. sy x mau habuk..sy nak mende len..eheheh..