Friday, 25 March 2011


alhamdulillah.. finally its over.. everything happens for a reason...
my SPM result is fine! just fine.. Alhamdulillah.. nothing to cry.. no need to be sad or to cry..
i am totally TABULARASA... huhuhu.. i am neutral...
but than I am grateful with it.. Alhamdulillah..
i would lyke to express my gratitude to Allah for giving me such wonderful feeling..
-ko biar betol sya....yep,, sgt2 betol..tabularasa feeling is much better than boastful feeling or sad feeling.. which in either way we call it as neutral...
- actually still i feel sad with my biology and physic result.. i got B+ for both subject.. which my target is A..
but i didnt manage to get.. but what can i do then.... except if i want to check it again..
**malas okey.. bazir dwet saje..

** but really thanx to all my teachers and parents.. so do my dearest frens..
i still manage to score A+ for bm and pai..(waa.. ney le jadi ustazah ney)
then my english is A and GCE is B3(mayb i can further in TESL)
my sejarah A(really2 grateful because in my past dream i dream tht i score B for this subject..)
and i really like this things.. i manage to get A for mathematics.. finally!Alhmdulillah..
and as i expected i get B for both ad met and chemist..

+++++++fyi: TABULARASA is an english word.. i got it from my debate tcer.. it means dat u have no exact emotion tht u can express.. yah! i am in dat feelin now! ahahah

** now i just care about to further my study in either law or TESL.. huhuh.. i think i can go for both course..
both of the courses is ASASI..
** x kesah la english ney rojak ngan Malay.. im in learning process..sokong je la oke!

******p/s sya is trying her best to fluently write in english! yah.. i am trying my best as my writing skill is still moderate i think.. the best part is, if i got an offered for TESL at UiTM, i need to go for an interview! wahhh.. am i nuts? its oke la.. coz i really LOVE talking.. mostly i am talking crap~~` lalala..

``` well i knew my english is really not good.. but there a room for improvement right? READERS, DO support me okey! really appreciate ur kindness.. tata..

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