Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I should update my blog!

fine,, i really know my blog is getting dusty...
i am so lazy to update my  blog...
evrything depends on my mood actually...
then for sure depends on the internet connection...huhuh...
let me share some story about my home which also my hometown..

=+=+ HOME SWEET HOME? not really actually...
hehhe..because i rarely stay at my home so i dont love my home.. plus i cant stay longer in dis kampung!!
y? because i have no frens n plus my sister,, kak jie tcayang still in KUCHING Sarawak struggling for her final exam! u go kak jie!!

actually i got some frens here! see... i lied just now!! heheh.. but i am not that close with i really shy to get along with them..huhuh... see? i am such a shy person actually but not at all situation..

huhuh..i hope i can have my KELOPAK right that we can have some nice talk and sharing some stories..get bed together..yah,, like we used to do at D105,,aspuri,MRSM some meggie,, share story about together..n make some hilarious jokes! huhuh... i wish i can do that things evryday.... get them up from bad for qiamulail and subuh prayers.. uhuhu..mis dat moments so much kelopaks!!
i love them a lot! miss them so much.. i really want to see them really soon..huhuh.....i am really lucky to have them as my fren eventhough i am a new girl in MRSM MERSING..they treat me really nice! eheheh... and five of us is still single! eheheh...

huhuhu,,, and plisz someone bring me my HERMMA FARAH DINNA and my bro JAMES JUNONG...
if i can just click for free ticket,,for sure i will get both of them fly from sarawak to my home sweet home! here!! IF I? but then i just cant do i? yes I AM...

HERMMA FARAH DINNA,,i miss evry single moments with u my dearest fren.. the moments where we share our joy,,our pain,,struggling for exam.. helps our mothers,,going to at SCR..and for sure the time when u used to teach me MATHEMATICS... heheh... i hope i can meet u really soon!! she is my bbf ever..i used to share anything with her,,she is really UNDERSTANDING,, TRUSTWORHTY,, ADOREABLE and SMART,,she is really good in mathematics..heheh..i am really grateful to have her as my best fren! she is single too... i bet a guy that capture her heart is so lucky!

JAMES JUNONG aka my bro.. huhuh..  i miss u a lot frens.. hehehe.. i told u already that i will have ur picture in my offence okeh~~ this is ur form 4 picture that i found in my folder.. heheh..not that 'kacak' james,,,but still u have dat SWEET face,,hehehe.. he is not my bro actually.. but mostly my batch at MRSM KUCHING especially boys used to call me KAKAK JAMES.. because we got some similarities..eheheh..yeah our face..huhuh.. he is my class president, 4 AL-DINAWARIE.. he is a superb guy i ever met in my age.. he is CARING,,KIND-HEARTED,,GENTELMAN... we share a lot of stories together.. he is an IBAN boy.. but then we really can get along.. huhuh,, i still keep in touch with him until now.. miss da moments when he used to comfort me when i failed mate mod paper and when i cry..huhuh.. he is da sweetest guy i ever meet! and so do when he keep trying to help me in my mate mode subject..heheh..i am such a slow coach in MATHEMATICS..huhuh..the best thing girls,,, he is SINGLE... i always wonder who will be his luckiest girl that will be her gf..eheheh..

p/s plisz dont get me wrong..he is really my bff okeh! not my boyfren... we have nothing to do with heart-to-heart things.. bcuz i used to share to him about my crush and so do james.. heheh..i really trust him to keep my secret..hehehe..

*** p/s james,, ka tok bleyh la ko cia aku eskrem and pizza..ku dah promote ko bah..kacak ayat ku ya..ahahah..

done until now..i will share more and more stories next time!! enjoy reading!!


  1. haha..awak buat sy sedeyh tw...
    rindu awak.!!!
    slalu2 wt entry english ske bce...hehe

  2. ehehehe... saye lagi sedyh!!! hiba tau..rindu sgt!!! wat lagi nanti...

  3. yup..!
    sukew bce n3 englsh..!
    rndu kelopak kn..!
    ble nak jmp niehh.. :(