Monday, 20 June 2011


assalamuaalaikum.. its been so long i didnt update my blog.. im not in mood.. huhuh...

what for? 

here,,i would like to share some great moments and activity that i have done yesterday.. here some pictures.. check it out!

                    below are some of the pictures that i snap last week with my roomates.. before the renovation  processs...

with mek klate and me,, minah klate celup!
                      ++ aisyah,,mek klate used to call me minah klate celup because i always speak kelantan with her.. even, most of my words that i ve spoken is totally wrong but than i still keep speaking kelantanese,, huhuh.. i know, my crib is so messy and untidy.. heheh.. we re in rush.. rush for food.. i hate to see my crib so untidy... huhuh..


who cares? 18teen years old girl still with her teddy bear,, so wat? heheh..

                                       now,, presenting : THE RENOVATION by syabaek..

a big changes right? 

my time table for part 1

my study table turns to be  nice!

      :: i knew that i am not gonna stay in Kolej Mawar for a long period of time. but then i just really cant stay in such ugly room.. heheh.. so i make some changes so it will be more cosy and comfortable for me.. i cant stay in place that looks dull and messy.. so here now, i am really look fowards to study more and more in this room.. i think that's all from now.. enjoy..:)

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