Wednesday, 20 July 2011

time is ................???

        time is running out so fast. about a few months from now i will seat for my final exam for pre law,, 3 weeks from now, i will have a forum a bout fundamental right in constitution. life is so busy but the a lot of time i will do useless thing. oh syarifah nur nadhilah.. buckle up girl.. focus on your aim..  as usual i have that kind of problem... i am lack with confident.. omaigod,, i don't know why... Allah please help..

           some people said i should have someone to inspire me? off that crap.. my self is my inspiration.. it is usual at my age most of teenager will have boyfriend/girlfriend.. but then,, like i care? i dont care at all.. stop asking me about that question.. dont ask me why i have prejudices on certain people... its a usual thing,,but then i will always control that prejudices..then,  how to curb with prejudices? i guess i should take it as simple thing.. never think about it too much.. i have a lot thing to be done with my studies and myself ..   

        thanked Allah for giving me my best friend, najwa adiba,, she will always be there for me.. she will always advise me and calm me.. even we are not studying at the same place but then she will always find time to visit me at shah alam and spend some time with me.. i really don't care if a not yet find a new best friend in shah alam because she will always hear me... distance doesnt matter as we are still contacting everyday..

     my fingers feel lazy to type some more... my brain called me and force me to read the books.. four books,,, well i need and have to get used to it. books is my boyfriend since i am students right now,, law books is bored so i buy a lot of coloured pen in order to attract my attention to read the notes,, pity me because i have problem to memorize the article, cases,, or the term,, moreover, the term used in the books is quite hard,, i will always need two dictionary,,,: law and advance learner dictionary... may Allah bless me and my journey..

p/s another randomly crap.. :o