Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mid Sem Break

take a deep breath first..
yes, i am going to share about my life as a pre law students.
actually, right now every asasi and diploma students are in our mid sem break.
the degree students are on their study week struggle for their final.
me? i am struggling with my assignment. i have a tonnes of assignments to be done.
last friday i went back to my house in putrajaya and decided to get back to mawar as early as i can. there is no point for holiday as my brain always think about assignment and upcoming test.
i am not the same person like last sem. i've changed a lot and i don't know why. i am no more the same person. i need to get back and i have to.. i really want to pursue my study in degree in law. If possible i want to pursue my study in United Kingdom or maybe New Zealand.
i know that i can always plan but everything is decide by Allah. What i can do is keep trying and praying. I always need the blessing form Allah, Umi, Abah, Siblings, Aunties, Uncles, Lecturers, Teacher, Friends, classmates.. i always need the blessings, i need to buckle up from my dream because i have something to achive!
i need to improve so many things especially my english as i know English is too important for me to study law.
i love law and i always will,, that's my prayer..Ammin..

my to do list.
my assignments that need to be done.
i need to struggle in order to complete my assignment. i have sacrifice my holidays and i need to make myself proud by completing all of the assignment. i am thankful to my umi and abah as both of them are really supporting me. even they complaints about i going back to mawar early but still both of them call me everyday to make sure i eat, solat and do my assignment. they always care about me. i love both of them much!
umi, abah n hakimi, my nephew.

lastly i am hoping that i always have passion in my studies because i am the one who chose this i have to end with a great pleasure. heheh..:D i dont really know what im thinking right know. im doing my BEL assignment right now,, 
so, tata for now..^.^

p/s please help me to improve my English. You can always criticized me especially my writings,ty!
i always love to read! 

file baru beli dengan sabi.. tak suke file yang tak de corak tapi tepakse beli sebab nak murah.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

My brand new life. part 2 pre law!

Hello and assalamuaalaikum earthlings, i really miss my blog. Try to write something short and simpe via my galaxy 5 phone. This phone is getting suck! I hate it. But still i am grateful because i still can use it.

The first picture was taken during my classmate's birthday. At that time all of us wanted to make a suprise for zue. But it is not really a suprise. It is a last minute plan

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The second picture is teammate for vc cup. I got a chances to join vc cup for bm category. My first varsity debate as an active reserve. I also joined debat 222 for sidang 3 and all of us was very lucky that our sidang was on air in buletin utama. That is once in a blue moon chance. Alhamdulillah ya Allah for the rezeki. P/S. I hope after this i will always post by using english language. I have to do so in order to imrove my language especially my writing skill. Emm. Tata for now.:-D

Thursday, 1 December 2011

permulaan segalanya..

assalamuaalikum semua,, blog berhabuk sebab tuan dye malas sangat nak update,,, busy katenye..
kalah perdana menteri,, cehh#menyampah!

sekarang mula menyambung sem 2.. mula merajinkan diri dengan debat...
saya memang suka berdebat,, huhuh... saya akan sentiasa belajar benda baru dalam debat..

memang kadang-kadang penat.. saye merungut,, tapi hakikatnya,, ini minat saya.. biasa la baru belajar,, banyak menda yang perlu dibaiki... saya kan muda lagi,, haruslah rajin belajar...

tapi saya takkan tepikan pelajaran saya,, study will always be my priority..

sem 2 ini baik-baik sahaja.. kelas sama,, dah letak jawatan sebagai acr kelas.. malas nak banyak sangat komitment...

ermm,, pasal last entry,, yang did law love me?
rasenya mungkin kot,, result alhamdulillah,, memuaskan,, syukur... tapi mungkin tak memberangsangkan..
akan cuba yang terbaik untuk sem ni,...

lagi-lagi,, muet! susah laa,,, especially reading and writing.. doakan yang baik-baik sahaja..
saya mahu sambung law..

saya memang minat law dan saya akan berusaha untuknya,, insya-Allah..

ini entry pukal namanya.. semua nak cerita! overr syaa!

ala mane gambar ni.. x de laaaa.. bluetooth bermasalah pulak...

laen kali je laa,, gambar pon tak cantik sebab phone punya kamera tak cantik,, till next time!

*another bored entry by sya!