Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mid Sem Break

take a deep breath first..
yes, i am going to share about my life as a pre law students.
actually, right now every asasi and diploma students are in our mid sem break.
the degree students are on their study week struggle for their final.
me? i am struggling with my assignment. i have a tonnes of assignments to be done.
last friday i went back to my house in putrajaya and decided to get back to mawar as early as i can. there is no point for holiday as my brain always think about assignment and upcoming test.
i am not the same person like last sem. i've changed a lot and i don't know why. i am no more the same person. i need to get back and i have to.. i really want to pursue my study in degree in law. If possible i want to pursue my study in United Kingdom or maybe New Zealand.
i know that i can always plan but everything is decide by Allah. What i can do is keep trying and praying. I always need the blessing form Allah, Umi, Abah, Siblings, Aunties, Uncles, Lecturers, Teacher, Friends, classmates.. i always need the blessings, i need to buckle up from my dream because i have something to achive!
i need to improve so many things especially my english as i know English is too important for me to study law.
i love law and i always will,, that's my prayer..Ammin..

my to do list.
my assignments that need to be done.
i need to struggle in order to complete my assignment. i have sacrifice my holidays and i need to make myself proud by completing all of the assignment. i am thankful to my umi and abah as both of them are really supporting me. even they complaints about i going back to mawar early but still both of them call me everyday to make sure i eat, solat and do my assignment. they always care about me. i love both of them much!
umi, abah n hakimi, my nephew.

lastly i am hoping that i always have passion in my studies because i am the one who chose this i have to end with a great pleasure. heheh..:D i dont really know what im thinking right know. im doing my BEL assignment right now,, 
so, tata for now..^.^

p/s please help me to improve my English. You can always criticized me especially my writings,ty!
i always love to read! 

file baru beli dengan sabi.. tak suke file yang tak de corak tapi tepakse beli sebab nak murah.

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