Saturday, 24 December 2011

My brand new life. part 2 pre law!

Hello and assalamuaalaikum earthlings, i really miss my blog. Try to write something short and simpe via my galaxy 5 phone. This phone is getting suck! I hate it. But still i am grateful because i still can use it.

The first picture was taken during my classmate's birthday. At that time all of us wanted to make a suprise for zue. But it is not really a suprise. It is a last minute plan

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The second picture is teammate for vc cup. I got a chances to join vc cup for bm category. My first varsity debate as an active reserve. I also joined debat 222 for sidang 3 and all of us was very lucky that our sidang was on air in buletin utama. That is once in a blue moon chance. Alhamdulillah ya Allah for the rezeki. P/S. I hope after this i will always post by using english language. I have to do so in order to imrove my language especially my writing skill. Emm. Tata for now.:-D