Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I will write

Its been a while since i typed something on this blog..
Suddenly, deep in my heart i miss doing this thing. 
Writing is the best way to express your feelings indeed. 
By writing you try to honestly express your feeling besides you can also improves you grammar, and of course your writing skills.
As for me, i remembered the existence of this blog purely because i want to improve my English writing skills. 

Since i have been so busy with my life, especially studying i decided to stop doing this thing.
Human beings love to give excuses.
Because of lacking of time, i prefer to read English reading materials rather than writing. 
However, i knew that the effect is no as good if you practice to write as well as to speak the language.
You need to get used of it in order to master the skills.

Since now is my semester break, i decided to help my self improves my proficiency in English by reading, writing and also listening to English.
The facts that i am reading law in UM law school it is paramount for me to well versed in English.

So, this is my very first effort to practice with what i believe will help me to face the real working world soon. Insha Allah i wont waste the opportunity given by Allah to enter law school and perhaps with Allah wills to be a lawyer in the near future..

Next blog post is coming soon, tata for now.. :)